What is Map the Money Maze?

Map the Money Maze is the single best way for 16-19-year-olds to learn the personal finance knowledge they need to become and remain financially responsible, self-sufficient and successful. It is an internet-based learning experience, so as long as a teen has access to the internet and a computer, laptop or mobile device, they have access to Map the Money Maze.

What Makes Map the Money Maze the best?

It Shares Your Objectives
Map the Money Maze has the same objective as you, to provide access for all American 16-19-year-olds to credible comprehensive information that’s essential for their financial well-being. The intent of Map the Money Maze is to circumvent the barriers that prevent teens from getting this important part of their education. 

  • Map the Money Maze is available to all 16-19-year-old Americans regardless of their resources in the U.S. because:
  • It is not selling a variety of products to make a profit

It Costs Less and Offers More

It costs less than the comparable comprehensive, personal finance education alternatives:

  • An individual subscription that lasts for four months (or the length of the school term, whichever is longer) is $50.00.
  • Discounts will be offered for: large groups of subscribers, for the introductory period and for schools that award academic credit to those who complete Map the Money Maze.
  • Students who cannot afford to pay the subscription fee, as well as high schools and other teen organizations that do not have adequate funding, can apply for a sponsorship
  • Map the Money Maze has no hidden or additional costs, i.e. there are no workbooks, DVDs, texts, lesson plans,training courses or need to replace outdated material. It is accessed through the internet and updated on a regular basis at no extra charge. Map the Money Maze is developed by a nonprofit organization so there is no additional fees for profit.
  • All subscription fees and donations allocated to: keep Map the Money Maze updated, and to development of new poverty-prevention programs to serve other at-risk demographic groups in the United States, and to minimize overhead costs.
  • Map the Money Maze costs significantly less than a teacher-led class, making it affordable to schools and individuals.

Map the Money Maze is designed to be the most effective method of engaging teens in comprehensive personal finance content with or without a teacher so that the expense of a teacher will not prevent teens from getting this critical information. By engaging students in teacher-optional learning, all teens can have access to the personal finance education they need regardless of budget restrictions. Without a teacher, students can take the program anytime, even in the summer, so “crowded curriculums” can no longer obstruct their access to this comprehensive program.

Map the Money Maze is designed to engage, motivate and monitor the students’ progression through to completion. It motivates students to learn through:

  • Competition
  • Progress tracking
  • Positive Feedback
  • Incentives/Goals
  • Entertainment value

Map the Money Maze vs. Teacher-Led Class

Savings per class*


Savings per student


*Average high school class size (23.4 students)

Personal finance teachers, in schools and organizations, that can to afford to hire or train personal finance teachers, can use Map the Money Maze as:

  • the entire course content,
  • assessments of students’ comprehension of the content, such as:
    • mastery of National Standards of Financial Literacy,
    • ability to apply the concepts to real life situations,
    • ability to make responsible financial decisions, and/or
    • independent study for academic credit.