Students who complete Map the Money Maze will be emailed a Certification Packet. The packet includes a report of the student’s performance compared to national, regional or class averages on:

  • Pre and post-test
  • Comprehension and mastery of the 12th Grade National Standards for Financial Literacy assessments.
  • Copies of their activities that demonstrate sound financial decision making and planning on real-life decisions.
  • Number of times logged into program.
  • Number of times required extra content to learn concept.
  • Number of times and amount spent in “Learn More”.
  • Amount of time spent in program.
  • Suggested links for further learning.

Students are encouraged to request academic credit for completion of the program. Each teen who completes Map the Money Maze will be awarded a Certificate of Financial Literacy with a recommendation to include it in their college and financial aid applications and/or in their resumes.