• Map the Money Maze is the only single content source that covers all 12th Grade National Standards for Personal Finance Literacy.
  • Condensed and objective.
    • Map the Money Maze screens out the sources with commercial intent, condenses the information to its simplest form.
    • Options to Learn More on every topic
    • Relevant to teens
    • Credible guidelines and immediate feedback using real data.


Real-Life Situations
  • Your teen will make financial decisions on real-world situations that prepares him/her to reach his/her financial goals. Through practice, he /she gains experience and confidence in his/her personal finance knowledge and judgment.
  • Your teen will optimize his/her post-graduation plans by “mapping” financial strategies to achieve realistic goals. This gives hope to at-risk teens as well as a reason to stay in high school and graduate.

Accommodates Learning Differences

Every student is different and has his/her own learning preferences. Map the Money Maze students can choose to log on:

  • When? Anytime! Log on 24/7, year round
  • Where? Anywhere with internet access!
    • Using a computer or mobile device, students can choose a place that is optimal for their learning style
  • Speed? Any speed!
    • Teens progress through the program as fast or slow as they like.
  • Duration? The student decides!
    • Teens may explore the program for as long as they like.
    • Students are encouraged to stop when they begin to lose focus.


  • Your teen will complete a private personal profile at the beginning of the Map the Money Maze to customize the program based on their goals, interest, and abilities:
    • Feedback
    • Motivational elements
    • Goal Setting
    • Communication


Teens’ Preferred Media
  • Teens are all about smartphones, tablets, and laptop computers.
  • Map the Money Maze is accessed through their preferred devices.
  • The program experience is designed to be as authentic to teens as possible.
  • Teen-authentic design can make the program more inviting and relatable.