There are currently nine trends that make it more challenging for teens like you, to achieve financial success. Map the Money Maze will prepare you to face the impact of these trends and help you stay on course to reach your financial goals.

  1. A college degree is more important than ever.
    • Map the Money Maze will show you why continuing your education is necessary.

  1. College costs are high, rising disproportionately and becoming unaffordable for many high school graduates.
    • With Map the Money Maze you will develop a plan to pay for continuing your education.

  1. You, like most college students, will graduate college burdened with too much debt (an average of $29,000 in student loan debt).
    • Through Map the Money Maze you will find out how to pay off your student loan debt and protect your credit score.

Unemployment in United States

Highest Among Young Adults


  • All Ages
  • 18-29-year-olds
  • Recent College Graduates*

* Includes Underemployment and Unemployment

  1. Even with a college degree, you may have trouble landing a job, (50% of recent college graduates are underemployed or unemployed).
    • Map the Money Maze will give you ways to help you land that first full-time job to begin your preferred career path.

  1. Your risk of living a life in poverty is greater if you are from a low income or minority household (especially if you are a female). You may think you can’t afford to go to college, and that therefore¬†high school doesn’t apply to you, so you may drop out and sentence yourself to poverty for life.
    • Map the Money Maze shows you proof that it pays to stay in school.

  1. Teens get lousy scores on tests that measure what they know about personal finance.
    • With Map the Money Maze you learn everything you should know now about how to protect, manage, and grow your money.

  1. It will probably take you longer to live independently, largely due to trends and circumstances beyond your control. Even if it is not your fault, you may feel like a failure, causing psychological fallout.
    • With Map the Money Maze you will improve your chances of becoming financially self-sufficient sooner.

  1. You will have to save more for retirement as you are likely to live longer.
    • From 1960 to 2010 the average life expectancy in the United States increased from 70 to 81.5 years of age.
    • At that rate, the average life span for you is approximately 96.1.
    • Through Map the Money Maze you will learn how to painlessly save enough for your retirement plans.

  1. Longer life expectancy may mean your parents will outlive their retirement savings, leaving the cost of their care as your responsibility.
    • Map the Money Maze shows you how¬†to be ready for expected and unexpected expenses.