What makes Map the Money Maze the best way to learn about money?
  • Our mission is your success. The purpose of Map the Money Maze is to provide you with credible information that’s essential for your financial well-being; we are not trying to sell you any products or make a profit. We just want you to know what you need to in order to succeed financially.
  • This is not your ordinary learning experience. You will be entertained, intrigued and captivated since the content is designed to help you understand and remember it. As you make your way through the Maze you will encounter highly interactive and visual real-life applications and tools you can start using now to make financial decisions in the real world.
  • We know you are busy, we respect that, so for each topic, you will be given information that’s essential, presented efficiently and concisely; just click on the “Learn More” option if you want to know more.
  • This experience is customized to help YOU reach YOUR goals.
  • Map the Money Maze adapts to your learning style. You choose where, when, how fast, for how long and how much you want to learn every time you log into the Maze.
  • Map the Money Maze helps you make a “how-to-pay-for-college plan.” A college degree is the first step to financial success, but it’s expensive. You will plan how to make college possible for you.
What will I know when I finish Map the Money Maze?
You’ll have:
What does it cost?
  • Map the Money Maze costs less than comparable options and is more effective, efficient and credible. Map the Money Maze will actually be worth significant money to you. It’s like having your own team of professionals: college financial aid consultant, college counselor, financial planner, banker, insurance advisor, money manager, investment advisor, career counselor, etc. You’ll learn personal finance concepts, practice how to apply them to achieve your goals and end up with a financial plan personalized for you.
  • The price of an individual four-month subscription is $50 for those who can pay. Those who cannot afford to pay the subscription price may apply, through our website, for a sponsorship.
  • Discounts are available for larger groups and for schools that award academic credit for completing the program.
Will it fit in my schedule?
  • Map the Money Maze can fit into any schedule. It’s available 24/7, through mobile devices and computers, wherever there is internet access.
  • Start your subscription any day of the year, once Map the Money Maze is launched.
How do I get school credit?
  • Identify the appropriate contact person in your school. Ask your home room teacher, course advisor, or college counselor. They should know who makes academic-credit decisions in your school. Sometimes Parent Associations officers or members can be influential.
  • Talk to the designated contact in person or forward this email. It tells them about Map the Money Maze, that you would like to subscribe when it is introduced in 2015, and that you are requesting academic credit for completing it.
  • Direct the authorized person to more information at ApptoSucceed.org and to click on “Educator” and “Register”.
How do I get started?
How will I know when Map the Money Maze is ready to launch?